Nights In Norfolk

Photo by Nathaniel Villaire on Unsplash

Walk down to the town at night,

The lights shine bright,

Looking out along the water,

You see the life Norfolk brings,

Always still and calm,

Wish there were trees,

Of the tallest palm,

The night is young,

The mood nice,

See the trains run through,

Sometimes thrice,

The boats and their brightly colored sails,

Take a walk,

In the fresh night air,

Photo by Adam Griffith on Unsplash

When you walk through Cleveland,

The seat of Cuyahoga County,

The beauty is in serious bounty,

You see the bridges,

In their majestic heights,

When the sun goes down,

The city illuminates,

With beautiful bright lights,

When you awake each day,

You know the beauty of Cleveland,

Is here to stay,

See The Flats,

Along the mighty Cuyahoga River,

If it is cold,

I hope you will never shiver,

In the Northeastern part,

Of the Buckeye State,

Feelings of happiness,

Are so great,

In Quantico, Virginia,

It is beautiful,

Brave Marines train hard here,

Bringing Strength,




Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Never giving up,

Knowing what it takes,

To serve and protect,

Never giving up,

Quantico is at its best,

Staying strong and tough,

Even when times are rough,

On the Chopawamsic Creek,

Like to walk down there each week,

There is a great smile on my face,

Full of joy,

That is never replaced.

Walking in Richmond

Photo by Robin Jonathan Deutsch on Unsplash

Through Main street,

At Brown’s Island,

Shockoe Bottom,

The Capital Square,

There is a sense of joy,

Ringing through the air,

The city of Richmond,

Becomes a city to celebrate,

Walk down Broad Street,

Appreciating the Potomac River

Photo by Gary Lopater on Unsplash

The river rushes,

Its beauty I see,

Separates VA, MD,WV, and DC,

You can see the water,

Among the rocks,

As you sit and enjoy the view,

Bring a picnic basket with you,

Watch the river flow,

Right through the Nation’s Capital,

The beloved river is beautiful,

The summer turns to fall,

We have a ball,

April Denise Stuart

April Denise Stuart

I have been writing for awhile and I enjoy sharing my writing with others. I enjoy writing about Virginia as well as miscellaneous topics.